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Crime Season 2: ITVX Released Irvine Welsh TV Series, How to Watch Outside UK on ITV

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Almost two years on from the release of the first season, Crime returns to ITVX, with Season 2 of Crime sees Lennox return to the Edinburgh Serious Crimes division, ready to put his breakdown suffered during the case of The Confectioner – the focus of season one – behind him.

Dougray Scott reprising his role as troubled detective Ray Lennox.

In the second season, Scott’s cast will include Gabriel, known for his roles in “House of the Dragon” and “His Dark Materials,” who will portray Fraser, Lennox’s nephew.

However, since Lennox took a well-deserved break, the landscape has shifted significantly. His boss, Bob Toal, appears to have lost his touch, Lennox’s previous partner, Amanda Drummond, has been elevated in rank, and the arrival of two newcomers to the force, Tommy Stark and Norrie Erskine, is likely to create friction with him.

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Lennox finds himself thrust into a fresh investigation when a past associate is assaulted, and this incident is connected to an assassination attempt on a prominent public figure. This enigmatic case leads the detective into the shadowy depths of Edinburgh, as he delves deep to uncover a significant conspiracy.

Is Crime season 2 based on a book?

Indeed, the inaugural season of “Crime” drew its inspiration from Irvine Welsh’s 2008 novel, also titled “Crime.” Notably, this novel served as a sequel to Welsh’s earlier work, “Filth,” which was adapted into a 2013 film featuring James McAvoy in the lead role.

The second season is an adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s follow-up to “Crime,” known as “The Long Knives,” which was released just last year. It’s described as the second installment in the Ray Lennox trilogy.

Welsh’s other well-known novels include Trainspotting – made into the 1996 film with Ewan McGregor – Porno, Ecstasy, and Glue.

Where was Crime season 2 filmed?

Both seasons of Crime are set in Edinburgh, however, as well as shooting in Scotland’s capital, filming also took place in Glasgow last year.

During November, several streets in Glasgow underwent temporary closures to facilitate filming. These included Bell Street, Albion Street, Shuttle Street, Hanson Street, and Claremont Place. Furthermore, residents of Dennistoun, a neighborhood in Glasgow’s East End, were contacted via letters seeking permission to use their properties for filming purposes.

Joanna Vanderham, the star of the series, commented on filming scenes set in Edinburgh but shot in Glasgow, stating, “We were aware that we wouldn’t deceive native Scots, but I believe we managed to create a convincing portrayal for the global audience.”

She further mentioned that the filming process encountered its fair share of challenges. There was an incident where they unintentionally filmed a scene depicting someone being struck repeatedly with a bat near a nursery. Additionally, in another scene where a character was thrown down a flight of stairs, the presence of the police became necessary as they rushed over to intervene.

Several scenes were also filmed on-site in Edinburgh, and the iconic Edinburgh Castle, the city’s most renowned landmark, makes frequent appearances throughout the series.

Who is in the cast of Crime season 2?

  • Dougray Scott as DI Ray Lennox
  • Joanna Vanderham as DS Amanda Drummond
  • Ken Stott as CS Bob Toal
  • John Simm as  Gareth Horsborough
  • Derek Riddell as Richie Gulliver
  • Gabriel Scott as Fraser
  • Rebecca Root as Lauren Fairchild
  • Dylan Blore as Victor Maslo
  • Moyo Akandé as Maria Pearson
  • Laura Fraser as Sally Hart
  • Rob Black as Scott Durie

When is the release date of Crime season 2?

Crime season 2 is released on ITVX on Thursday 21 September – there are six episodes in the new series and they will be released in one go. Like season one, the second season will air on ITV1 in weekly instalments at a later date.

Will there be a season 3 Crime?

While a third season of “Crime” hasn’t been officially confirmed, it’s highly probable that a new season will be in development following the expected release of the third installment in Irvine Welsh’s Ray Lennox novel series.

A title and release date for the final novel in the series has not yet been revealed, and the plot remains unknown.

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