Kidnap and Ransom - Banner
From the first phone call with kidnappers to risky excursions into exotic and dangerous locales, negotiator Dominic King places himself in the line of fire to bring the victims home.
Innocent - Banner
, , 2018 - 2021


Newest Episode: Episode no;2.4
After having their conviction overturned, people wrongly accused of murder rebuild their lives while the police hunt the true culprit.
See No Evil - Banner
A vivid drama which documents the notorious Moors murderers; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
The long call - Banner
, , 2021 - 2021

The Long Call

Newest Episode: Episode-4
Follows detective Matthew Venn as he returns to an evangelical community in which he grew up to attend his father's funeral.
Trigger point - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

Trigger Point

Newest Episode: Episode :6
Drama series following Lana Washington, an experienced bomb disposal officer working for the Metropolitan Police.
Killers caught on camera - banner
True crime documentary series with unique access to the video footage that leads to the conviction of killers around the world. Experts explain how the latest technology builds a visual montage of evidence.
The case against Cosby - Banner
Of the 63 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, only one was able to gain a conviction. This is her story.
Marcella - Banner
, , 2016 - 2021


Newest Episode: Ep#3.8
Marcella Backland left the Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her. She returns to her job on the murder squad, investigating a case that seems disturbingly familiar to her.
Worst Con Artist - Banner
The social media empire built on a lie - a scandalous true crime documentary.
The Other Mrs Jordan - Banner
The astonishing true tale of bigamist & conman William Jordan
Stephen - Banner
, , 2021 - 2021


Newest Episode: Episode;3
The story of the ongoing struggle by Doreen and Neville Lawrence to achieve justice and how a detective, DCI Clive Driscoll, working closely with the Lawrences, puts together an investigation that finally--more than 18 years after his death--secures the convictions of two of the gang who committed the murder of Stephen.
Ridley - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022


Newest Episode: 4. The Numbered Days 
Retired Detective Alex Ridley is lured back into service as a consultant detective when his former protégée, Carol Farman, needs help cracking a complex murder case.
Mrs Biggs -Banner
, , 2012 - 2012

Mrs Biggs

Newest Episode: Episode-5
The true story of Charmian Brent (née Powell), the rebellious product of a strict 1950s upbringing, and her whirlwind romance with Ronald Biggs leading to a descent into crime, most infamously 1963's Great Train Robbery.
Love Lies Bleeding - Banner
, , 2006 - 2006

Love Lies Bleeding

Newest Episode: Episode 2
Self-made millionaire Mark Terry has no idea that his world is about to turn upside down when an old school friend appears with a grudge against him.
Karen Pirie - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

Karen Pirie

Newest Episode: Episode.3
After the promotion to Police Scotland's Historic Cases Unit, Karen Pirie reopens the cold case of a murdered barmaid. Her investigation unearths flaws in the original 1995 inquiry.
Flesh And Blood - Banner
, , 2020 - 2020

Flesh and Blood

Newest Episode: Episode no 4
Lives of three siblings are disrupted when their recently widowed mother declares she's in love with a new man. Tangled web of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals eventually leads to a murder.
Manhunt - Banner
, , 2019 - 2019


Newest Episode: Episode-4
Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton tracks down a serial killer.
Liar - banner
, , 2017 - 2020


Newest Episode: S2.E6 ∙ Episode #2.6
British psychological thriller in which schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Earlham of rape.
Injustice - Banner
, , 2011 - 2011


Newest Episode: S1 . Episode : 5
A defense barrister is faced with the proposition: what can you do when you have defended the indefensible?
Fearless - Banner
, , 2017 - 2017


Newest Episode: Ep : 6
Emma Banville (Helen McCrory), a human rights lawyer known for defending lost causes, sets out to prove the innocence of Kevin Russell (Sam Swainsbury), who was convicted for the murder of a school girl fourteen years earlier.
The Twelve - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

The Twelve

Newest Episode: Episode : 10

Behind the facade of their anonymity of jury duty twelve ordinary people bring with them their own histories. Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma and prejudice.

D.I Ray - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

DI Ray

Newest Episode: S1.E4 ∙ Part Four
Newly promoted DI Rachita Ray takes on a case that forces her to face a lifelong personal conflict.
No return -Banner
, 2022 - 2022

No Return

Newest Episode: S1.E1 ∙ Episode # 1.4
An idyllic family holiday in Turkey turns into a nightmare when the 16-year-old son is accused of a serious crime.
Houdini and Doyle - Banner
At the turn of the 20th century the Metropolitan Police were overwhelmed with bizarre cases so they turned to outsiders including Houdini and Doyle, who collaborated with New Scotland Yard on some unsolved and inexplicable crimes.
Hatton Garden - banner
, 2019 - 2019

Hatton Garden

Newest Episode: Episode 4
Four elderly men, all experienced thieves, carry out a large-scale robbery.
Malpractice - Banner
, , 2023 - 2023


Newest Episode: Episode no,5
When the respected Dr. Lucinda Edwards loses an opioid overdose patient, an investigation is started, probing into her conduct on that night.
The Bay -Banner
, , 2019 - 2023

The Bay

Newest Episode: Episode no 4.6
Police in the Morecambe Bay area in Lancashire investigate missing persons and suspicious deaths.
Payback - Banner
Lexie Noble becomes entangled in a police operation to topple a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris.
Collision - banner
, , 2009 - 2009


Newest Episode: Episode #1.5
The story of a major road accident and a group of people who have never met, but who all share one single defining moment that will change their lives.
Code of a killer - banner
The story of Sir Alec Jeffreys' discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by DCS David Baker in catching a double murderer.

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