Kidnap and Ransom - Banner
From the first phone call with kidnappers to risky excursions into exotic and dangerous locales, negotiator Dominic King places himself in the line of fire to bring the victims home.
See No Evil - Banner
A vivid drama which documents the notorious Moors murderers; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
Hollington Drive - Banner
, 2021 - 2021

Hollington Drive

Newest Episode: Episode-4
The lives of two sisters, Theresa, and her older head teacher sibling, Helen, and a missing child.
The sister - banner
, , 2020 - 2020

The Sister

Newest Episode: Ep:4
Almost a decade into his new devoted married life Nathan is rocked to the core when Bob, an unwelcome face from the past, turns up on his doorstep with shocking news, triggering a series of catastrophic decisions.
Midwinter of the spirit - Banner
, 2015 - 2015

Midwinter of the Spirit

Newest Episode: Ep.3
This series follows country vicar Merrily Watkins, who is one of the few women priests working as an exorcist in the UK. When a grisly murder takes place in her local area, the police come calling for her assistance.
Liar - banner
, , 2017 - 2020


Newest Episode: S2.E6 ∙ Episode #2.6
British psychological thriller in which schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Earlham of rape.
Injustice - Banner
, , 2011 - 2011


Newest Episode: S1 . Episode : 5
A defense barrister is faced with the proposition: what can you do when you have defended the indefensible?
The Twelve - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

The Twelve

Newest Episode: Episode : 10

Behind the facade of their anonymity of jury duty twelve ordinary people bring with them their own histories. Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma and prejudice.

Bouquet of Barbed wire - Banner
Summoned by the police to the scene of a car crash, wealthy architect Peter Manson recalls events from months earlier.
The Reunion - Banner
, 2022 - 2022

The Reunion

Newest Episode: Episode;6
An elite prep school frozen in the snow. Three friends linked by a tragic secret. One girl taken by the night twenty-five years ago. The girl's body was buried in the gymnasium wall, the same wall that is about to be demolished.
Malpractice - Banner
, , 2023 - 2023


Newest Episode: Episode no,5
When the respected Dr. Lucinda Edwards loses an opioid overdose patient, an investigation is started, probing into her conduct on that night.
Payback - Banner
Lexie Noble becomes entangled in a police operation to topple a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris.
black work - banner
, , 2015 - 2015

Black Work

Newest Episode: ∙ Episode #1.3
A policewoman sets out to discover who murdered her husband, an undercover officer.
Why didnt they ask Evans - Banner

A dying man's enigmatic last words send vicar's son, Bobby Jones, and his socialite friend, Lady Frankie Derwent, on a crime-solving adventure.

Without Sin - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

Without Sin

Newest Episode: Ep no.4
Explores the relationship which develops between a grieving mother and the man she believes murdered her daughter.
Cheat - Banner
2019 - 2019


Newest Episode: Ep. no.4
Centered around a dangerous relationship between university professor Leah and her student, Rose. After a series of events take place, things escalate between the two leading to fatal consequences.
Six Four - Banner
, , 2023 - 2023

Six Four

Newest Episode: Ep no ; 4
O'Neills, police detective Chris and his wife, former undercover officer Michelle, whose teenage daughter goes missing.
Ultimate Force - Banner
This action adventure series follows the exploits of Sergeant Henno Garvie and his colleagues who make up Red Troop, a crack SAS team.
A spy among friends - Banner
In England in 1963, Nicholas Elliott works for MI6 but is left in turmoil when he learns his close friend and colleague Kim Philby had been secretly working as a double agent for the KGB and has defected to the Soviet Union.
Safe House - Banner
, , 2015 - 2017

Safe House

Newest Episode: Ep:2.4
A married ex police couple are asked by a police officer and their close friend to turn their remote Guest House into a Safe House.
The Secret - banner
The true-crime story of a respectable dentist and pillar of the community, who became a killer in partnership with a Sunday school teacher.
The Widower - Banner
, , 2014 - 2014

The Widower

Newest Episode: Ep # 3
A three-part drama based on the crimes of convicted murderer Malcolm Webster.
Our House - Banner
, , 2022 - 2022

Our House

Newest Episode: Ep : 4
"'Our House"" tells the story of Fi Lawson, who arrives home one day to find a family of strangers moving into her house--and that her husband Bram has disappeared.
The suspect -banner
, , 2022 - 2022

The Suspect

Newest Episode: S1.Ep5
Doctor Joseph O'Loughlin a man who appears to have the perfect life and a successful career as a clinical psychologist. But nothing can be taken for granted. Even the most flawless existence is only a loose thread away from unravelling.

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