Joe 90 - Banner
The adventures of nine-year-old Joe McClaine, who can have the expert skills, knowledge, and experiences of top experts downloaded into his brain by his scientist father, enabling him to become a secret agent code-named "Joe 90".
Fireball XL5 - Banner
The interplanetary adventures of the crew of the World Space Patrol (W.S.P.) spacecraft Fireball XL5, patrolling Sector 25 of the galaxy in the year 2062.
Gunbuster -Banner
A young pilot, daughter of a deceased space captain, is selected to pilot a colossal robot as the key point of Earth's defence in a space war.
Emma - Banner
Emma, a maid, falls in love with an upper-class man, against his family's wishes.
The Gamers 2037 - Banner
In a dystopian near future, gaming is banned and three former friends must overcome their differences and beat an unbeatable A.I. controlled game, or risk becoming trapped in the machine forever.
Scooby-Doo and Guess who - Banner
Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang solve more mysteries together, each time with a different living, late or fictional celebrity guest.

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